A Day in the Garden

I have been inspired since I was a young girl, raised in Cleveland, Ohio, to grow a garden and watch vegetables,  plants and trees become food on our tables.  No, I wasn’t raised on a farm, but evidently my bloodline of family farmers runs deep within me.  It was and still is so amazing to see the products of dirt mixed with seed, and of course the sunshine and rain .  All we need for life can be found in the dirt.  I know that it is a miracle of life that we take for granted.  

Today, not only do I garden for manna, but also for use in my homemade soaps, lotions, hair and skin products.  Vegetables and Herbs are an excellent and natural way to keep your internal and external body healthy.

Chalises Heavenly Inspired by Adrienne


Tell me about your garden; show me your favorite herbs! Share with me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @chaliseshi



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