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​ Hi Adrienne…thank you… I recieved my package today…oh my I love everything…I especially like the whipped vanilla butter and the vanilla scrub the loofa  is awesome jusy can’t believe that it comes from a garden…how awesome is that….and the soap has a pretty aroma everything is fabulous…keep up the good homemade perfections….job Well Done!! Karen!

Benefits of Beer Soap

The first time I made Beer Soap,  it was just scented with a beer fragrance oil. At the time I didn’t understand why anyone would want that scent. After all, old beer really smells bad. Little did I know, until recently, there is another side to beer soap and actually I was and am still intrigued by what I learned.  Now we know that when making soap a chemical change takes place and all of the ingredients put into a batch of soap is not the same after the process is finished.  

First, in cold processed soap usually water and lye are mixed together added to oils and through soaponification, soap is created.  Well,  in this case beer is used in place of the water and mixed with the lye. I added to the batch some mica for color  and fragrance. But, the beer transformed and is no longer beer, but the hops, grains, extracts and other good stuff remains in the soap leaving some very interesting results.  Now, please check out this article in the link below.  It will better explain the interesting and beneficial facts of Beer soap.

Now that I have all the facts, it will be a regular part of our soap lineup.  Click here to purchase our fabulous Beer soap.

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We are so excited to begin 2017 on a positive.  2016 presented possibilities of growth,  and increase.  It also brought about the realization of necessary change. 

So 2017, Here We Come…

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Feminine Hygiene Wash

I love it when a customer asks for a special order.  Especially when it’s to help solve a problem they suffer from.  Sensitivity to store bought soap products in your girlie region is a real problem. Using incompatible products in your private area can be very discomforting to say the least. So, I did some research and with help from Youtube, I challenged myself a little to come up something that will cleanse , freshen and leave the girlie area happy. Here’s what I came up with. I started out with my homemade liquid Castile soap, known for its gentleness.

To order yours visit our website:” target=”_blank”>Feminine Hygiene Wash